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A tractor with a story, that’s a real Fiat. Way back during the World War 1 the company started producing its first armed tractors for the battlefield. And today we know their history mainly from the beautiful versions that entered the market from the 1980s. Under the name Fiat Trattori, the company released its first real one, the Fiat 702. And in 1984 they came out with the iconic 90 series, which we are also proud to present. Take a look through our tractors and get a taste of history.

RDW Gekeurd!

Fiat 1300 DT

€ 13.750,00 / £ 12.100,00

Fiat Someca 880 DT

Fiat 180-90

€ 28.750,00 / £ 25.300,00
Private collection

Fiat 1300 DT